Monday, June 27, 2011

Re-Direct - manually so to say :)

As you might have noticed, this weblog is kind of ... dead. I'm starting anew, over here -> It's a weblog in German & English, you're very welcome to join me there!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moedlinger Hut (1523m)

Wow! Long time no post. Well, I became kind of Facebook addicted :)

But what is really alarming: I didn't hike for a LONG long time! Here's my last hiking post: Grosser Boesenstein (2008-08)

And yes, it did take effect - some trousers won't fit anymore, ahum.

But today the weather was simply too fine to be true, so I took Sindy and we went for a walk, up to the Moedlinger Hut (1523m).

As my hiking boots "met their maker" (see picture below) I purchased a new pair.

I thought a nice, not too challenging hike would be best to test them (as well as my rotten condition). Unfortunately they do not fit the same perfect way my old pair did :(

I took my time, and many pictures ...

On the way up ... looking at the Admonter Reichenstein.

These flowers are very prominent in some places along the way - turning the landscape into beautiful shades of blue.

Woah. A Vipera berus ... in black. First time I've ever seen this species! It lay on the road, beside Sindy. Thought it was a young Aesculapian Snake first (they are way more common), but the sturdy build and the pitch-black colour made me wary.

And yes, the slit pupil was there - I checked that looking at the picture, didn't want to provoke the snake *g*

A way less dangerous animal ... nice movement ;)

Forest soil with lots of clover :)

Making hay - we call that "Schwedenreiter" or "Heureiter" ... Swedish rider or hay rider.

Up at the Moedlinger Hut - taking a rest and having a delicious meal. I think Sindy enjoyed our spontaneous getaway just as much as I did.

Beautiful view ... Admonter Kalbling, Sparafeld and Admonter Reichenstein. Enjoyed all three vertexes when I was in a much (!) better shape.

On the way down I took my new shoes off and walked bare-footed. Doesn't hurt if you're used to it ;)